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Mariners 9, Tigers 1: Detroit's lost week of baseball continues


Snap reaction: When things are going bad, they really go bad. It's just one of those weeks.

In this case, the lineup isn't doing its job, the pitching isn't doing its job, the defense isn't doing its job. The manager would probably proclaim he's not doing his job. It's a losing streak. That's what happens during one. Then suddenly it ends and things are fine again. Eventually that's bound to happen. But when?

The details of this particular stinker: Adam Wilk couldn't get people out again. Two innings. Eight hits. One walk. I am pretty sure he had a spring training line that looked similar shortly before he fell out of the race for fifth starter. That's why he fell out. Wilk throws strikes and sometimes they land all over the field. You can't exactly blame BABIP luck for everything either. He's just not a great pitcher and it showed. So Wilk left the game down 6-0.

Since the Tigers were facing super stud Felix Hernandez rather than, say, the Boston Red Sox, a big comeback probably wasn't in the cards. The only run Detroit scored off Hernandez came in the third when Brennan Boesch had a solo home run. Hernandez had a slow start to the game -- walking the bases loaded in the first inning. But after Boesch's home run, Hernandez allowed just two more hits and erased both of those with double plays hit into by the next batter.

Hernandez struck out just two in the game, but kept the Tigers from getting much started, and got some nice contributions from his defense as well.

Detroit has now lost five of the last six and has fallen to 10-8 on the year.

As a special guest post, our friend (and moderator) 13194013 will do the night's second recap. That should be fun.