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Bless You Boys Podcast 36: Blame Mike Ilitch, not Brandon Inge

This week, we're in a mood. Which means it's a rant-filled Bless You Boys Podcast.

We take on the Chicken Little-fied Detroit Tigers fanbase, Mike Ilitch's Inge crush, the mainstream media making stories out to be stark black or white, not shades of gray, sabermatricians who fall too much in love with advanced stats, the Tiger Stadium Fan Club and the Madden video game series, amongst other ranty topics.

Bless You Boys Podcast 36 runs 1:18 and features Kurt Mensching, Allison Hagen and Al Beaton.


  • The Tigers' fan base is revolting...and they aren't happy with the W-L record, either.
  • The Brandon Inge saga continues. He remains on the roster, and worse, is playing regularly.
  • We all know how the Inge soap opera will ultimately end. Badly.
  • The fan base did get one bone thrown to them, Daniel Schlereth was sent to Toledo.
  • The Freep's Drew Sharp has solved the Tigers problems with just one lousy column. They just need to hit more triples.
  • Who else freaked out on Twitter when the" Zach Miner was acquired by the Tigers" news broke?
  • Media bashing time: Just because Phillip Humber threw a prefect game, it doesn't mean he's figured it out. Armando Galarraga, anyone?
  • More media bashing...and some sabermetrics bashing as well: Fangraphs does the Sports Illustrated power rankings, give sabers a bad name by claiming the 3-14 Royals are the 7th best team in baseball. There's more to baseball than WAR.
  • What one personnel move do we want to see the Tigers make in the next few months?
  • Jim Leyland needs to move players around in the order...but it will never happen.
  • What the over/under on Jacob Turner starts in 2012?
  • Anyone have Roy Oswalt's phone number?
  • Does Leyland put players in a position to fail?
  • Kurt would rather fight a grizzly bear than deal with Mlivers or Hawk Harrelson.
  • BRAD ELDRED BRAD ELDRED. And Ryan Strieby too.
  • We give our thoughts on the 100th anniversary of Tiger Stadium (essentially, we miss it, but it's long past time to MOVE ON) and the most annoying and obnoxious Tigers fans ever, the Tiger Stadium Fan Club.
  • Another lightning round from JohnMoz!

Brandon Inge mentions:Lots, but almost all are in the first 15 minutes.

Blogs mentioned: Walkoff Woodward, Tiger Tales, Fangraphs, Designate Robertson.

Books mentioned: You can buy Lee Panas' highly recommended book on sabermetrics, "Beyond Batting Average", by clicking here!

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