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Don Kelly fifth in Tigers' lineup

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With all the posts recently about who will no longer be in the Tigers' lineup, who isn't in the Tigers' lineup, who people don't want to be in the Tigers' lineup, whatever, we haven't had a lot of time to mention tonight's lineup.

And, frankly, we need to get back to baseball. So here we are.

Tonight's lineup:

Jackson CF
Boesch RF
Cabrera 3B
Fielder 1B
Kelly LF
Eldred DH
Avila C
Peralta SS
Raburn 2B

Justin Verlander is on the mound for the Tigers against the right-handed Ivan Nova.

So in short, we have Brad Eldred making his American League debut tonight after hitting 13 home runs in 20 games for the Triple-A Toledo Mud Hens ...

and we have Don Kelly batting fifth, protecting Prince Fielder.

Well, that's interesting.

On the flip side, Andy Dirks is no where to be found. He hast played just once since sustaining an injury on April 17 against the Royals. He left the game with a hamstring injury and has missed the past seven of the next eight games. He did play Thursday against the Royals, going 1-for-4 with a triple.

Popular Twitter theory from BYB friends John Parent and Rogo of DesgNate Robertson: Leyland fondly remembers Kelly's home run against Ivan Nova during the ALCS.

What do you think of the whole thing?