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Bless You Boys Podcast 37: Brandon Inge - Delmon Young special edition

With all the breaking news over the past 24 hours, Brandon Inge being released by the Detroit Tigers and Delmon Young's arrest for assault and hate speech in New York City, it was time for the news team to assemble and record a special edition of the Bless You Boys Podcast. We discuss the fallout of both rather somber situations.

BYB Podcast 37 runs 49:00 and features Kurt Mensching, Al Beaton and Patrick O'Kennedy.


  • Delmon Young arrested after a bar fight.
  • Hate crime charges?
  • The Tigers hands are tied by by the CBA, thus the release of a generic statement filled with legalese.
  • Could the Tigers actually cut ties with Young?
  • If so, what direction do the Tigers go?
  • Do the Tigers have issues with lax player discipline, or are the recent alcohol issues just knuckleheads being knuckleheads?
  • Brandon Inge released, Detroit mourns or celebrates, depending upon your point of view.
  • Everybody, and I mean everybody, overreacted to Inge's release.
  • To their credit, Dave Dombrowski and Inge handled the situation as well as possible.
  • It's quite possible Brandon Inge's career is not over, there is interest from other teams.
  • Does Inge have a future with the it in the front office or in personnel?
  • What is Brandon Inge's legacy as long-time member of the Detroit Tigers?
  • Brad Eldred: What, if anything, can we expect from a 31 year old who has a rep as a 4A player?
  • Things happen in threes: Two are down. Do you have a prediction for three?
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