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UPDATED: Delmon Young placed on restricted list, Danny Worth recalled

Delmon Young has been placed on the restricted list by the Detroit Tigers following his arrest early Friday morning in New York. Young has been accused of pushing an individual and shouting racial slurs while under the influence of alcohol. His lawyer disputes the claim.

The Tigers say the move was made ahead of an MLB hearing that will occur early next week. Because alcohol was involved, the MLB will step in and be a part of future discussions. Young issued a statement Friday apologizing and vowing to work to become a better person and player. The Tigers issued a statement that said very little. GM Dave Dombrowski has told the media he will speak to them, but has not yet done so.

In the meantime, utility infielder Danny Worth has been recalled from Triple-A Toledo. He started the season with the Tigers before being optioned.

Baseball Reference provides a definition of the restricted list. Essentially, it's a way of removing the player from the roster, with good cause, while retaining rights to him. In the case of Young, this allows the Tigers to add a player to the team while investigations into Young's alleged incident are made and any possible disciplinary action is decided.

Updated 12:45 PM: Both Jason Beck of and Chis Iott of Mlive are reporting via Twitter Delmon Young's locker has been emptied, packed up, and the nameplate removed. Read into this news what you will (I'm sure many of you are thinking something similar to "DOOOOM" or "About time!"). If it wasn't before, it's now obvious Young won't be joining the Tigers on the rest of their road trip.