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Tigers vs. Royals lineup, Monday, April 30

It looks like the Tigers are loading up on left-handed batting today, as Detroit is set to face the Royals. Luke Hochevar will take the mound for Kansas City.

Hochevar, as Rob noted earlier in his preview, may have an ERA of 4.98 for the season but has been pretty good outside of a seven-run first inning against the Indians on April 17. He's been quite tough on right-handers so far this year, as they are batting .143 against him with a paltry .404 OPS. Lefties have hit .308 with a .783 OPS against him. Hochevar allows a higher batting average and better on-base percentage to lefties in general, as his career splis and 2011 splits show.

For more stats, check out the always-cool preview at Baseball Reference.

Tigers lineup

Austin Jackson, CF, RH
Brennan Boesch, RF, LF
Miguel Cabrera, 3B, RH
Prince Fielder, 1B, LH
Andy Dirks, DH, LH
Alex Avila, C, LH
Jhonny Peralta, SS, RH
Don Kelly, LF, S
Ramon Santiago, 2B, S

SP: Duane Below

Royals lineup

Dyson, CF
Gordon, LF
Butler, DH
Hosmer, 1B
Francoeur, RF
Moustakos, 3B
Betancourt, 2B
Quintero, C
Escobar, SS

SP: Luke Hochevar