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Delmon Young suspended for 7 days by MLB, could return Friday

Update: Delmon Young was suspended for seven days by the MLB.

MLB released a statement, and Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski apparently plans to speak to the press soon.


The New York Post reported this afternoon that Delmon Young will be suspended, following a drunken ruckus early Friday morning that resulted in his arrest for allegations of shoving a tourist outside Young's hotel and shouting Anti-Semitic slurs.

The Post reports:

It wasn't clear how long the suspension would last, sources said.

Last May, MLB announced a two-week suspension and an undisclosed fine for Atlanta Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell after he allegedly made gay slurs and used foul language to fans before a game with the San Francisco Giants.

Reading through key portions of the agreement between the Players Association and Major League Baseball, as well as some scholarly papers that examined the case of John Rocker, leads me to believe the suspension will be for a handful of games -- probably fewer than McDowell's. The MLB is allowed to suspend Young, but the discipline must be reasonable and the circumstances must be taken into consideration. Undoubtedly there will be a fine as well. Anti-Semitism is ugly, make no mistake. But I believe the fact this was not a premeditated event, that Young was intoxicated at the time and that this was removed from the confines of an MLB park could play factors in the decision.

However, it remains to be seen what remedies a medical evaluation that was scheduled to be given today will provide.

The Tigers could choose to release Young, but there does not appear to be any sections of the agreement that would release them from the money owed to Young. Based on comments from GM Dave Dombrowski, it does not seem likely the Tigers would pursue releasing Young anyway. Dombrowski told the media: "If he is cleared to play, then he'll be playing."