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VIDEO: Is There An American League Central Dark Horse?

Editor's note: We're introducing a new contributor today: Matt Sussman of Hustle Belt, SB Nation's MAC blog. He's also a resident of southeast Michigan and a former MLive Tigers contributor. He's also much funnier than I am. He'll post videos from time to time, and maybe even an article once in awhile if he feels so inspired! Enjoy!

Hi, my name's Matt, and I'm new here. You might have heard of me. I'm a guy who makes jokes about sports on the Internet and occasionally morph some of those jokes into "articles" or "posts" around various sites.

But I'm here today to talk (LITERALLY talk, in video form) about the four other teams in the American League Central and which one has the best chance to compete with the Detroit Tigers for the division crown. We're all predicting a landslide victory for the Tigers for good reason, but there are always surprise teams and one of those might be Cleveland, Kansas City, Chicago or Minnesota.

Also, nobody likes a runaway. We want a close compelling race to the playoffs, dagnammit! And here is my deep analytic discovery.

My undying wish, other than world peace, is to bring you this type of enriching insight about the Detroit Tigers throughout the season, bettering you as a person and those around you.