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Bless You Boys Podcast 39: Gloom, doom and general sadness

Following up on the tone of the site the past few weeks, Kurt, Allison and Al talk about the worst team in all of baseball, the Detroit Tigers, in this week's Bless You Boys Podcast. I don't even know why we bothered recording, as the season is essentially over. But we slogged ahead anyway, despite our ennui.

Or maybe we're just tired and cranky from a week of 10PM starts.

BYB Podcast 39 runs 1:01 and features Kurt Mensching, Allison Hagen, and Al Beaton.


  • Multiple choice question. Why aren't the Tigers winning?
  • Jim Leyland doesn't like the approach he sees at the plate...when watching on TV in clubhouse.
  • When you have a roster full of free swingers, shouldn't we expect stretches when the roster isn't hitting?
  • Insane umpire is insane, wants to kill Justin Verlander.
  • What in the HELL happened to Octavio Dotel in Seattle?
  • Closer issues are not just a Detroit problem.
  • In his first start back from the DL, Doug Fister was pulled after 7 shutout innings and 73 pitches. Why?
  • Leyland's strategy to get Ryan Raburn hitting is to move him up in the order and play him every day.
  • Andy Dirks goes up the batting order, Brennan Boesch goes down. Who says Leyand won't tweak the order?
  • Jeremy Bonderman is contemplating a comeback, has Tommy John surgery.
  • Cole Hamels admitted throwing at Bryce Harper, and was suspended for 5 games. Leyland says it wasn't enough.
  • Changing stupid baseball rules.
  • A lightning round involving high socks and poker.
  • Allison is tired of west coast baseball, Kurt talks BYB commenters and civility, Al reams Peter Gammons for dragging bloggers through the mud.

Blogs mentioned: Hardball Talk, Designate Robertson, Roar of the Tigers.

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