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Bless You Boys Podcast 40: "Dumbrowski" is not funny or insightful, it's stupid

I'm frustrated, you're frustrated, everyone's frustrated. Getting swept by the Twins is frustrating The Tigers not hitting, pitching or fielding is frustratingly frustrating. Frustration is the word of the day on the latest Bless You Boys Podcast.

BYB Podcast 40 runs 1:17 and features Kurt Mensching, Melissa Heyboer and Al Beaton.

  • Being swept by the Twins is a season low point, everybody PANIC!
  • How can the Tigers go an entire month without winning 2 consecutive games? Quite easily, as it turned out.
  • Jim Leyland has fallen in love with bunting. Is it too much small ball or just trying to make things happen?
  • Austin Jackson injured, everybody PANIC!
  • Jackson and WAR.
  • Is Andy Dirks for real?
  • Delmon Young is an outfielder who can't field, and a designated hitter who can't hit.
  • Jose Valverde is injured, Joaquin Benoit will close...if the Tigers ever get into position to win a damn game.
  • Brayan Villarreal called up, Danny Worth sent down. Is there even a need for Worth on the roster at this point? (despite the Mlive contingent believing he should start over Raburn)
  • Some Detroit News columnist says the Tigers must keep playing Ryan Raburn.
  • Tigers seek answers for Daniel Schlereth's sore shoulder.
  • What's missed more, Victor Martinez or Vitcor Martinez's bat?
  • Will Rhymes has a scary incident.
  • The News' Jerry Green doesn’t like new-fangled things like OBP and OPS.
  • The News' Terry Foster thinks Placido Polanco would have solved the Tigers problems at 2nd base for the past 3 seasons...but he didn't look at the stats, which say otherwise.
  • Mlive's Bill Simonson says the Tigers problems can be fixed if they try harder. Seriously.
  • The Lightning Round gives secrets for surviving 10PM starts and deletes a sportswriter's Twitter account.
  • Al takes a flamethrower to a segment of the Tigers' fanbase. The segment who think using "Dumbrowski" and "Ra-bum" is witty. (WARNING: This segment gets LOUD)

Blogs mentioned: Designate Robertson, Detroit Sports Rag.

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