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Some new videos from SB Nation to check out

You know we've been trying to do the video thing here at Bless You Boys. Matt Sussman handles the funny ones. I do the awkward vaguely timely stuff.

But if you want to watch some good news, we've got Baseball Nation's Rob Neyer answering questions for his mail bag, and a wonderful piece by Amy K Nelson that you should definitely check out. This week he tells you what he thinks makes for a good stadium experience.

You can subscribe to the SB Nation youtube channel by visiting it from this link.

Amy K Nelson did a feature on the Royals' Willie Mays Aiken. From World Series fame to troubles with cocaine, he went through quite a downfall as he battled personal demons. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending, as Aiken put his life back together and currently works for the Royals organization. I'll embed that video. Do check it out. I think it'll be worth your time. It's very well made, a real team effort, and an interesting story.

Nelson also has a companion story for the piece if you want to learn more.