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VIDEO: Brandon Inge talks about time with Tigers, joining A's

You've seen me in an A's cap. Now see Brandon Inge in one, too!
You've seen me in an A's cap. Now see Brandon Inge in one, too!

I know a lot of people are still Brandon Inge fans. Maybe more now that he won't be striking out to Inge end the game with a check swInge. I kid, I kid. I know some people absolutely couldn't stand him, but I always like Inge -- just not when he got into the game, in recent years -- and still do.

Inge spoke with Matt Yallof and Sean Casey on The Rundown on the MLB Network recently about his time with the Tigers, and how it will feel to face them again next week. MLB Network shared the video with me, so I'll pass it on to you. It's worth a watch just to see the picture of Inge as a little kid with a mullet. So this isn't the first time Inge has been seen wearing green and gold on a baseball field.

One or two quotes that caught my eye:

Inge on playing his former team next week:
"I'm gonna wanna beat ‘em. That's for one, for sure. I've already been messing with a couple of the guys. I've been sending [Alex]Avila texts and stuff, just telling him, ‘Wait until you come over to Oakland.' So, it's going to be fun to play against those guys."

Inge on how he left things with the Detroit Tigers:
"Not bad at all. I understand that in this game you have to have a little common sense, that it is a business. They were going in a different direction. I didn't produce very well for them for the last couple of years. No hard feelings whatsoever, they gave me many, many good years of my career there and I love them like a family. It's one of those things where I understood where they were going with it and [there are] no hard feelings whatsoever. They gave me an opportunity also to go pretty early to catch on with Oakland right now and I'm thankful for that, too. So, things worked out great and there were no hard feelings, no love lost whatsoever."

The Tigers visit Oakland for a three-game set beginning May 10.