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Detroit Tigers Links: An Austin Jackson Injury Update & Justin Verlander's Parents' Book

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AL Central Standings

Cleveland 23 18 .560 0 Lost 1
Chicago 21 21 .500 2.5 Won 4
Detroit 20 21 .487 3 Won 1
Kansas City 17 24 .414 6 Won 1
Minnesota 14 27 .341 9 Lost 1

(updated 5.21.2012 at 11:50 PM EDT)

Austin Jackson might be back for tonight's game, the Verlanders have written a book about their life and their sons, and Armando Galarraga signs a contract with the Astros. These stories and more in today's Morning Prowl.

Austin Jackson Injury Update: Tigers CF Could Return Tuesday Against Cleveland - SB Nation Detroit, Chris White
I don't know about the Indians "taking the Central by storm," and because of that, I'm taking the unpopular stance that I don't want to see Jackson back tonight. I'd like to see him get another day or two off to ensure that he's 100% healthy.

Justin Verlander's parents' book, 'Rocks Across the Pond,' released this week - The Detroit News, Tony Paul
A very cool idea from the Verlanders, and something I'd definitely like to pick up at some point. I have one beef though: $29.95 and it's only 112 pages? C'mon, I'm a huge fan, but I'm also a broke college student.

Marte throws three scoreless innings with Hens - Beck's Blog
Discussion in the comments yesterday centered largely around Luis Marte possibly being a key piece in the Tigers bullpen. News of his good outing yesterday should do nothing to quell those flames.

Waxing Nostalgic About Justin Verlander - Motor City Bengals, John Verburg
John got to see Verlander's performance on Friday in person and, like Verlander, his recap of the experience doesn't disappoint.

Detroit Tigers could make moves in near future to address shorthanded bench - MLive, James Schmehl
I'd be disappointed if Brayan Villarreal were to be optioned instead of Luke Putkonen. Not shocked, just disappointed.

First Quarter American League All-Stars: WAR Edition - The Tigers Den, Matt Snyder
It's not surprising that the sluggish start would only result in two All-Stars, but those who haven't been paying attention might be surprised at who actually gets the nod.

.gif | Max Scherzer Strikes Fear In the Hearts of Opposing Batters - Walkoff Woodward, Alex Simon
Since making a .gif of all 15 strikeouts would be ridiculous (and would probably crash your work computer), here's #15 by itself.

Around the AL Central:

Au Revoir, Jason Marquis: Twins DFA Struggling Starter - Twinkie Town
"It's fair to say that when the Minnesota Twins front office inked Jason Marquis to a one-year, $3 million dollar contract, they didn't expect him to perform this poorly." They didn't, I did.

Highlanders Fall to Lowly Royals, Existential Crises Ensue - Royals Review
I am entirely too amused by Royals Review's insistence on referring to the Yankees by their former name. I am also amused by the Yankees losing.

Top 100 Indians: #95 Orel Hershiser - Let's Go Tribe
The video of Tommy Lasorda talking about how Hershiser got his nickname (we think) is completely worth your time.

Elsewhere in Baseball:

Four arrested after beating at Dodger Stadium - ESPN Los Angeles
This is the second incident in Los Angeles in just over a year, after Giants fan Brian Stow was assaulted last year. It's tarnishing what has been an otherwise great season, and I'd be extremely worried if I were a visiting fan traveling to Chavez Ravine anytime soon.

Baltimore’s tradition of fans shouting ‘O!’ during national anthem sparks interleague feud - Big League Stew, David Brown
So let me get this straight: some headline-seeking sensationalist from D.C. is making inflammatory remarks just to get his name into the news? Nope, never heard that one before.

Mike Trout: God Mode - Baseball Nation, Jeff Sullivan
Totally random quote out of context: "Imagine, if you will, a pitcher like Stephen Strasburg. It shouldn't be hard -- a pitcher like Stephen Strasburg exists. Now imagine a pitcher like Stephen Strasburg with greatly reduced injury concerns." So, Justin Verlander? Anyway, great piece on Trout's hot start in 2012.

Astros sign right-hander Armando Galarraga to minor league contract - HardballTalk, D.J. Short
"Nearly two years after he was almost perfect against the Indians..." Man, why you gotta bring that up? And no, the Tigers don't play the Astros this season.