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Indians 5, Tigers 3: Stalled offense is stalled

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Snap Reaction: That three-run home run hit by Alex Avila in the second inning was exciting. The rest of the game stunk.

Enjoy self torture? Read this: Detroit had a single in the first inning, then a double and home run in the second. It may even have whetted your appetite for an exciting, possibly even relaxing game. Meanwhile Ubaldo Jimenez did his best to gift Detroit more chances to score. He actually walked six. The Indians walked seven.

But Detroit did not score again after the second inning. It had just six hits for the game. Cleveland scored four unanswered runs for the 5-3 victory.

Seriously, you can point to the pitching if you want, but when the lineup fails for six or seven inning stretches at a time, what, exactly, do you expect is going to happen? Surely not good things.

Rick Porcello had little help from his defense. (He hurt his own cause with an error of his own.) He had little help from luck, either.

The Tigers still haven't won two in a row since mid-April. All these stories are the same, aren't they? Offense fails. Defense fails. Pitching can't overcome it. Groundhog Day. Maybe Bill Murray can speak to the club before Wednesday's game.