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Question this for the BYB Podcast: State of the 2012 Detroit Tigers

Kurt, Rob and myself will be recording a new episode of the Bless You Boys Podcast tonight. It will be, amazingly enough, our 41st! And as I usually do with birthdays and anniversaries (just ask my family), I completely forgot the BYB Podcast passed it's one year anniversary last week.

But I digress...

With the Tigers having passed Sparky Anderson's oft referenced 40 game mark, and still frustrating the Hell out of the fan base in a big, big way, it feels like a good time to ask the BYB community for your questions as to the state of the 2012 Detroit Tigers. Short-term, long-term, big picture, little picture, what questions as to the Tigers do you have for us? We'll try to answer as many as we can during the show.

So please leave your questions in the comments of this post or email us at BYBPodcast at I'll be putting the show together later in the afternoon, so post your questions ASAP!