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Bless You Boys Podcast 41: Is this season a grease, tire or dumpster fire?

I asked for your questions to use on this week's show and you all came through big time! So we cover the gamut, from BABIP to Fankenberry to Nick Castellanos to a sack of cheeseburgers.

BYB Podcast 41 runs 1:21 and features Kurt Mensching, Rob Rogacki and Al Beaton.


  • What's wrong with the Detroit Tigers?
  • Trading Jacob Turner and there's no such thing as a pitching prospect.
  • Ryan Raburn is placed on bereavement leave, Tigers fans make asses of themselves by continuing to make "Ra-BUM SUX!" comments.
  • Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer are good at baseball.
  • Meet Quintin Berry!
  • Did Berry's call up make Don Kelly redundant?
  • Collin Balester vs. Luke Putkonen.
  • Losing Austin Jackson to injury is like losing an MVP candidate.

Listener questions:

  • Does the Tigers' BABIP show they've been unlucky?
  • Where is Jhonny Peralta's power and has he turned the corner?
  • Will time away from the team help Raburn out of his slump?
  • Andy Dirks has a thick neck.
  • Should Jackson go on the DL?
  • Luke Putkonen vs. Danny Worth.
  • Does Rick Porcello have a long-term future with the Tigers?
  • Bullpen help from Luis Marte and Brayan Villarreal.
  • What's the latest on Al Alburquerque?
  • Did losing weight to play 3rd base adversely affect Miguel Cabrera's power stroke?
  • Who's the most surprising member of the bullpen to this point?
  • Can the starting rotation be improved?
  • If the Tigers could do it over, would they sign Prince Fielder to a huge contract or spend his $23M a season on other roster holes?
  • Can the Tigers win with their current roster?
  • Will they need to get a player or two at the trade deadline, and at what positions?
  • When and where does Nick Castellanos fit in Detroit?
  • Is there enough prospect ammunition in the minor league system to pull off another Cabrera-like deal?
  • Farm system bright spots.
  • Name the better Berry: Quintin, Franken, or Straw?
  • If this lineup were a band, would it be called "Prince Miggy and the Number 9 Hitters?"
  • How many trolls do we need to sacrifice to the Baseball Gods to give the Tigers a break?
  • Lightning round!
  • Final thoughts with a rant!

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