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Detroit Tigers Links: Doug Fister's Rehab Start Goes Well & Justin Verlander Is a Freak

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AL Central Standings

Cleveland 12 10 .545 0 Won 1
Chicago 12 12 .500 1 Lost 1
Detroit 12 12 .500 1 Lost 1
Kansas City 7 16 .304 5.5 Won 1
Minnesota 6 18 .250 7 Lost 3

(updated 5.3.2012 at 10:23 AM EDT)

Justin Verlander is a freak and Jered Weaver threw a no-hitter last night. Oh, and some guy named Doug Fister pitched a little bit. These stories and an obligatory Bryce Harper link in today's Morning Prowl.

Doug Fister looks good in rehab start in Toledo - The Detroit News, Tony Paul
Fister shut down a AAA lineup for 4 innings, throwing 66 pitches. Sounds like he's perfectly ready to face the Seattle Mariners.

Detroit Tigers' Justin Verlander defies conventional wisdom - Sports Illustrated, Joe Lemire
Basically, Justin Verlander is a freak (which we already knew).

Justin Verlander's Obviously A Freak ... But Is He The Greatest Freak? - Baseball Nation, Rob Neyer
Neyer links the Sports Illustrated article above and expands on it. Spoiler alert: he would take JV in a Game 7 situation.

Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander: Going .500 to start the season isn't exactly horrible - MLive, Diamond Leung
If Verlander isn't worried, neither am I.

"Big" Series Looms for the Tigers - Motor City Bengals, Bryan Craves
This series is by no means a "make or break" affair, but it would be nice to put the White Sox in a hole... and then trade for Jake Peavy at the deadline.

Tigers Offense After Four Weeks - Tiger Tales, Lee Panas
"They rank in the bottom half of the league in just about every offensive category, yet they are sixth in run scoring. The reason is because they are fifth in the league in batting average with runners in scoring position."

Whitecap Wednesday: Patrick Leyland is Holding His Own in A-ball - Tigers Den, Matt Snyder
It's funny to me that the players that have been drafted with parents in the Tigers organization are outperforming expectations thus far. Nice to see that they're not just getting by on name alone.

Around the AL Central:

The Five Baffling Habits of Dayton Moore pt. 1 - Royals Review
We poke fun of Moore quite often here at BYB, and for good reason. Read on for exactly why we choose to do so.

Royals Win 3-2 Behind Getz and Sanchez - Royals Review
On Jonathan Sanchez: "I feel this was a start like [Kyle] Davies used to throw every 5th or 6th game to give the fans a hope for what he can do, but never did on a regular basis."

Indians 6, White Sox 3: No running from walks - South Side Sox, Jim Margalus
The Indians scored 3 runs late in the game to beat the White Sox last night.

Twins 0, Angels 9: Jered Weaver No-Hits Anemic Minnesota Lineup - Twinkie Town
"It is May 3rd. It is May 3rd and yet the Twins season is, for all intents and purposes, over."

Elsewhere in Baseball:

Is Washington Nationals' Outfielder Bryce Harper Here To Stay? #OccupyLF - Federal Baseball, Patrick Reddington
It wouldn't be right to NOT include a link about Bryce Harper. As for the story itself, I don't see Harper spending any time in AAA ever again, unless it's a future rehab assignment.

The Red Sox sign Mark Prior to a minor league deal - HardballTalk, Craig Calcaterra
I had to triple check to make sure this wasn't another Chris Carpenter incident (read this if you're confused). It's not. This actually happened.

Top Grooming Moments in A's History - Athletics Nation
Honestly, I was looking for a story about Brandon Inge on the SB Nation A's blog and found this instead. Upgrade? Upgrade.