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Omir Santos joining Tigers in place of Ryan Raburn

Omir Santos returns to Detroit.
Omir Santos returns to Detroit.

The Tigers announced this morning they were purchasing the contract of catcher Omir Santos. He will take the place of Ryan Raburn on Detroit's active roster.

Scratching your head?

You're not alone. That seems to be the move many fans are making at this very moment on Twitter (and probably elsewhere.) One might surmise that catcher Alex Avila is sore. Or maybe Gerald Laird, I guess. But more like Avila, who battled knee problems and was reported to be fighting them again already this year.

So the move might be precautionary. Or it might scare the pants off you. Either way, it's not the kind of news we expected to hear this morning, is it?

Santos batted .310 with seven doubles, a triple and nine RBI in 27 games with the Mud Hens.

Last season, Santos made 22 plate appearances for the Tigers. He batted .227, with .227 on-base percentage and .227 slugging average.

He may or may not be able to bunt.

If calculations are correct, this now puts Detroit at a full 40 spots taken on the 40-man roster.