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Injury updates: Fister, Dirks, and Jackson (update: and Alburquerque)

There is not a whole lot new to report, here, but following is the latest information from twitter on the health status of the Tigers' walking wounded. We'll post updates as they become available.

From Jason Beck on Fister.

No new injury for Doug Fister, just same costochondral strain. Trainer Kevin Rand said he's "not anticipating" another month-long absence

From Beck on Austin Jackson

Meanwhile, Austin Jackson hitting off a tee again. Will be evaluated by medical staff again tomorrow.

From Beck on Andy Dirks

Dirks remains day to day. Achilles still sore.

Mlive's David Mayo has some quotes from Tigers' trainer Kevin Rand regarding Fister

“It showed it's still resolving; it hasn't completely resolved, which is why he's come up a little sore again,” Rand said. “It's one of those things where you've got to take a step back and just kind of cool down a little bit and, hopefully, be able to move forward a little bit.”

Mayo also reported Rand's comments regarding Al Alburquerque:

Alburquerque is rehabilitating in Lakeland, Fla., where his long-tossing regimen has reached 150 feet. He is in what Rand termed a “pre-mound progression” in which he throws from a mound to a standing catcher, and will “start a mound progression fairly soon.”