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Bless You Boys Podcast 38: Nick Castellanos to the rescue!

Kurt, Allison and Al actually get back to talking about Detroit Tigers baseball Instead of drunken arrests and 11 year vets getting their release in the latest edition of the Bless You Boys Podcast.

BYB Podcast 38 runs 1:21 and features Kurt Mensching, Allison Hagen, and Al Beaton.


  • Introducing Pick 6!
  • Quoting Justin Verlander, "Going .500 to start the season isn't exactly horrible."
  • Delmon Young reinstated, Bred Eldred is DFA.
  • After seeing Andy Dirks and Don Kelly play competent outfield defense, why would anyone in their right mind want Young's glove back in left field?
  • Doug Fister to return as soon as this coming week.
  • Daniel Schlereth channels Jeremy Bonderman, doesn’t tell Tigers his arm is hurting.
  • Can the Detroit Tigers Make the AL Playoffs With Three Stars and Nothing Else?
  • 4 positions are dragging down the Tigers’ offense.
  • Nick Castellanos is Dominating the FSL, with a capital D.
  • Twins DFA Clete Thomas, proving once again, fans vastly overrate their team's talent.
  • Is Mariano Rivera's career over?
  • Tim Welke making enemies all over MLB, blowing another call.
  • 2 no-hitters tossed in the first 4 weeks of the season. Have no-nos become almost too commonplace?
  • Jered Weaver and the douchiest no-hitter ever.
  • Listener questions: Defensive indifference and defensive infield shifts are the new hotness.

Web sites mentioned: Pick 6, Designate Robertson, Grantland, Tiger Tales.

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