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Bless You Boys Podcast 44: The Big Potato sweats too much

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The 44th Bless You Boys Podcast is one editor short. Allison was too ill to participate, but Kurt and Al plowed ahead regardless.

Admittedly, this was a much more upbeat show than the last few. The past week of Detroit Tigers baseball has us feeling like everything's coming up Milhouse! Well, maybe not THAT good, but pretty darn good all the same.

BYB Podcast 44 has a running time of 1:11, and features Kurt Mensching and Al Beaton.


  • What's the SB Nation News Wire?
  • Kurt's Detroit News column and how 2008 isn't comparable to 2012.
  • Are the Tigers finally turning a corner? Can the Tigers at least SEE the corner they need to turn?
  • Drew Smyly's horrific blistered finger means the return of Ryan Raburn!
  • Welcome back Doug Fister!
  • Jim Leyland is teasing more roster movement.
  • Rumor mongering with Carlos Quentin, Vladimir Guerrero and Ryan Dempster.
  • Was it or wasn't it a spit ball from Jose Valverde? Does anyone really care?
  • Tigers fans take over the Great American Band Box in Cincinnati and some stadium named after gum in Chicago.
  • Why do so many fans think Quintin Berry is having a great season and Prince Fielder isn’t? Do they even look at the stats?
  • Bill "Huge" Simonson and Mitch Albom write asinine, nonsensical, boilerplate columns about the Tigers.
  • Simonson is not part of the "media," he just shouts opinions.
  • Remember when Albom used to be a good sports columnist? It was so long ago, many of you weren't even born.
  • The lightning round features peanuts and Cracker Jack.

Blogs mentioned: ESPN SweetSpot

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