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Jose Valverde Injury: Right wrist pain forced him to miss ninth, have examinations

Jose Valverde (pictured in Friday's game) injured his right (throwing) wrist Tuesday.
Jose Valverde (pictured in Friday's game) injured his right (throwing) wrist Tuesday.

Warming up for the save during the bottom of the eighth inning on Tuesday, Tigers close Jose Valverde suddenly took a seat. The Fox Sports Detroit cameras quickly zeroed in and found Valverde in pain, apparently favoring his right wrist. (Later he was seen sitting alone on the steps in the bullpen, with a photo via frequent-tweeter Ashley Couturier).

According to Oakland Press writer Matthew B Mowery, Valverde had an X-Ray and will have an MRI on the wrist.

Speaking to reporters during FSD'd post game, Valverde indicated team doctors don't feel like the injury was serious. He seemed to be in a better mood as he told FSD reporter Trevor Thompson that the injury was to his wrist, not forearm, and that he didn't feel a pop or anything like that. He just felt pain. Valverde also said that part of the anguished look on his face was due to being unable to help his team close out the game.

Jim Leyland said that Valverde felt pain after throwing a pitch in the bullpen, tried to throw another pitch, "and couldn't do it." Leyland had nothing else to add about the injury.

This isn't Valverde's first injury of the season. In May, he felt pain in his lower back during a save attempt and could not finish the game. He missed several games, but returned to pretty good form afterward.

Entering Tuesday, Valverde was coming off a tough game against the Rockies. On Friday, he allowed six runs (one earned) without making it out of the 10th inning. It was his third appearance in as many days. Valverde threw 28 pitches in that game, but he has thrown more pitches during several appearances this season, including earlier in the month.