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VIDEO: Do the Tigers need another 'a-hole' on the team?


For the record, Jim Leyland said it, not me. OK, I said it, too, but he started it.

Leyland told reporters before Tuesday's game, "We have a wonderful clubhouse and wonderful group of guys but we need a little more a**hole in us."

Nice guys finish last. Or possibly third place, behind two teams that were supposed to be nicer in the first place. The 2006 team had a**holes, notably Brandon Inge. That's not to say this team should have Inge right now; being a hole means nothing if you can't produce. That's half the necessity. But think about Carlos Guillen, wagging his body at Jered Weaver after a home run.

This team lacks that. Delmon Young, Miguel Cabrera, and Gerald Laird might cause some trouble after a few drinks ... but you can't play this game inebriated. Not anymore, at least. Many are rather reserved. Jhonny Peralta ... does he even talk? Is he like Teller?

But today's video will chronicle the pressing question: do the Tigers need an a-hole in the lineup? Or do they trade for one?

(Note: some potty mouth within, if you didn't guess)