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Bless You Boys Podcast 45: A fart in a mitten

What are the 2012 Detroit Tigers missing? According to Jim Leyland, it's scrappy dirt bags, a-holes and a mean streak. Personally, I think the team needs more 3 run home runs than it does dirt bags, but that just me. Regardless, we discuss the Tigers' scrappiness quotient. along with the Quintin Berry schism and helmet nachos, in this week's Bless You Boys Podcast.

BYB Podcast 45 has a running time of 50 minutes, and features Kurt Mensching, Allison Hagen and Al Beaton.


  • The Tigers' fan base has replaced the Brandon Inge sized hole in their heart with Quintin Berry.
  • The Tigers have been a much better team as of late. Is it because they are playing the NL?
  • Jim Leyland wants more dirt bags and Craig Monroe?
  • Leyland also wants to see a "little meaner streak" from his team, while Prince Fielder says, "Huh?"
  • With Jose Valverde out, who becomes the closer?
  • Welcome back Doug Fister!
  • See ya soon, Casey Crosby!
  • Goodbye, likely forever, to Matt Young and Thad Weber.
  • Let's hope Jacob Turner has learned how to hold runners on base.
  • Drew Sharp believes the Tigers need to get "scrappy" to overcome their injuries, while Bob Wojnowski says the Tigers' "infusion of speed" has turned their season around. So Sharp thinks a David Eckstein-like player would solve the Tigers' problems and Wojo is saying that player is Berry? Apparently so.
  • Roger Clemens won't be punished by the US government, so baseball's hall of fame voters will dole it out instead.
  • The lightning round includes Sparky Anderson man love.

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Brandon Inge mentions (soon to be replaced by Quintin Berry): More than we've had in 2 months combined.

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