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Tigers trade rumors: Matt Garza, Jed Lowrie draw Detroit's interest, reports say

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With the MLB's non-waiver trade deadline little more than a month away, the rumor-mill is starting to get a bit more active when it comes to the Detroit Tigers. Over the weekend, the Tigers were said to be one of a handful of teams interested in Chicago Cubs starter Matt Garza. Today you can add Houston Astros shortstop Jed Lowrie to the list.

Credit ultimately goes to the Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo for both rumors, but a hat-tip to SB Nation blog MLB Daily Dish for your trade-rumor needs.

Garza has a 4.06 ERA for the Cubs this season, but 8.4 strikeouts and 2.5 walks per nine innings. During his last stint in the American League, playing for the Rays, he had a 3.86 ERA.


Garza is Epstein's biggest chip, so he won't let him go without a great package in return. The concern some have is whether Garza can control his emotions enough. He sure did in 2008.

I've thought all along that the Tigers will add pitching. Why? Because it feels like they always add pitching. Also because they have a rookie in the rotation and, if any injuries were to occur or re-occur, could find themselves with two if they don't add veteran depth.

On the other end of things, it's no secret that the Tigers need better second basemen. Lowrie has played all the infield positions at some point in his major-league career, but has just 34 appearances at second base. Still you expect he should be able to play it reasonably well and be an upgrade at the plate, too.

Daily Dish notes:

On the year, Detroit second basemen have combined to hit at a clip of only .201/.274/.268. Lowrie has posted a line of .267/.357/.496 with more home runs (13) than Tigers second basemen have extra-base hits (11).

Of these two players, which do you prefer?