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Bless You Boys Podcast 46: Jim Leyland is Gargamel

Bless You Boys Podcast 45 is filled with lame, disinterested douchiness, has a running time of 52 minutes, and features Kurt Mensching, Allison Hagen and Al Beaton.


  • Congrats to Josh Worn of Walkoff Woodward on joining the Detroit Free Press!
  • FYI, Kurt's column will now appear every Tuesday in the Detroit News. Kurt channels his inner Nikita Khrushchev and vows to bury Josh in page views.
  • Any hopes of Victor Martinez returning in 2012 have been all but dashed.
  • Tigers' designated hitters fail at their own job title.
  • What should the Tigers do about Brennan Boesch and right field?
  • Considering the trade market is lacking, should the Tigers ride it out with the players they have at 2nd base?
  • The composure of Max Scherzer has been amazing.
  • Catchers with bad knees don't remain catchers for very long. Is there a position change in Alex Avila's future?
  • 3 Tigers farmhands are in the MLB Futures Game.
  • The Chicago White Sox acquiring Kevin Youlkis was the first trade shot sent over the AL Central bow.
  • Why does anyone watch the ESPY's, let alone report on the nominations? Though we do hope Justin Verlander cleans up at the ceremony...
  • Going by the controversy it caused, Aroldis Chapman must have broke countless unwritten baseball rules with his somersaults.
  • The Lightning round features Douchey Smurf, Lame Smurf and Disinterested Smurf.

Brandon Inge mentions (soon to be replaced by Quintin Berry): Those of you missing Binge are mentioned in the 2nd base discussion!

Blogs mentioned: Walkoff Woodward.

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