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Ask a question, get an answer in 3 sentences or less!

Camping Donner is unimpressed by the cameraman.
Camping Donner is unimpressed by the cameraman.

This is not a new thing, obviously. Mr. Allison Hagen does it from time to time and people seem to enjoy it and we have an off day, so I thought I'd give it a try.

Here are the 3 rules:

1. Ask anything (opinion questions, not trivia) you want about the Tigers or baseball, and I'll answer it.

2. I'll answer in three sentences or less. So don't ask a four-part question unless you really want to test my ability to write a run-on sentence.

3. If you ask non-baseball questions, say about Donner, the U.P., camping, Hemingway's Nick Adams stories, or whatever, I'll probably answer those, too. If I feel like skipping a question, I'll skip a question. Because it's my post. I can do that. But ask what you want and see what happens.

Ask them in the comments. If you're not able to comment, just drop an e-mail to Include your name or whatever you want to be called. I may even remember to check the email there, and I'll just add it to the comments

I have some chores to finish up -- dishes, fun -- first, but start asking and we'll see how this goes. Maybe I'll get two questions and feel like an idiot for even trying this idea. Who knows.