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Jim Leyland to appear on MLB Network program Saturday

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Tigers manager Jim Leyland will be a guest on the MLB Network's Studio 42 with Bob Costas on Saturday. The first showing is set for 2 p.m. (EDT). Leyland discussed a wide range of issues and memories with Costas, from his time in Pittsburgh, to Game 7 of the 1997 World Series, to what profession Leyland may have gone into if he hadn't been in baseball.

A key subject that you'll surely be interested in, Leyland spoke about when he might retire (as transcribed and shared by the MLB Network):

When the passion's not there. When I start getting up in the morning and not wanting to go to work, I'll go home. Tony [La Russa] and I are a little bit different in that I had a six-year sabbatical [from 1999-2006] and that really refreshed me. That got the battery going again. I think that really helped me out. I think if I would've tried to do it like 33 straight years like Tony did, I probably would've stepped away too, maybe even before that. But that six-year sabbatical, I spent some time at home and watched the kids grow up a bit. It really refreshed me.

As for what other careers of interest are out there, Leyland told Costas:

I'm embarrassed to say this, but I would've liked to have been in a band. I love to sing. I played the trumpet as a kid. Our family sat around the piano. I never played a piano in my life, but my brother played the piano, my two sisters played. I love it. I still like to sing. I'm not as good as I was at one time. I was ok at one time...I can't quite hit the high ones like I used to, but I was ok. I sang weddings and I was in a choir and different things like that, and I loved it. But this worked out a little better, I think.

In case you miss Saturday's showing, the episode of Studio 42 featuring Jim Leyland will re-air on 10 p.m. EDT Sunday.