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Bless You Boys Podcast 43: Nick Castellanos is not a 2nd baseman

The editors get together to discuss the Toledo Mud Hens' Northern Auxiliary in this week's Bless You Boys Podcast. BYB Podcast 43 runs 1:15 and features Kurt Mensching, Allison Hagen and Al Beaton.


  • Time is running out to get tickets for the BYB Meetup!
  • When are 2 recaps a game 1 too many? When Kurt says so.
  • Injuries have become the overriding story of the Detroit Tigers' season.
  • Who is injured? Every-damn-body.
  • 30% of the Tigers' current roster were in Triple A to start the season.
  • Meet Matt Young and Bryan Holaday.
  • Why not bring up Rob Brantley?
  • Goodbye Omir Santos.
  • Let's not speak of those selected in the 2012 MLB amateur draft for a good 4 years.
  • Draft philosophy and the lack of position players.
  • Dave Dombrowski speaks, spews platitudes, no one is surprised.
  • The clock is ticking on the team, the coaching staff and certain players. How long before DOOOOM?
  • Nick Castellanos was promoted to Double A Erie. And for the last time, Castellanos is not a 2nd baseman and will only see Detroit in his dreams for this season.
  • The Yankees are scared of chubby, drunken Detroit fans running on the field.
  • The week in mainstream media idiocy, featuring Bill "Huge" Simonson and Drew Sharp.
  • The lightning round features Allison talking bourbon.
  • A letter from a listener asks about 2nd base. We almost made it through an entire podcast without bringing up everyone's favorite position!

Blogs mentioned: Beyond the Boxscore.

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