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Prince Fielder wins Home Run Derby

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Prince Fielder hit a dozen home runs in the final round to become just the second player, along with Ken Griffey Jr., to win the home run derby twice, and the first to do it representing each league. Fielder wowed the sell out crowd in Kansas City by hitting the four longest shots of the contest, two of them 476 feet, one 464 feet and one 461 footer. His 28 home runs were the most in the derby.

Fielder, who began hitting home runs during batting practice in Tiger stadium as a kid, becomes the first Tiger to win a home run derby. Ivan Rodriguez made it to the finals in Comerica park in 2005, but lost out to Bobby Abreu, then of the Phillies.

Jose Bautista led after the first round with eleven home runs. Fielder barely made it out of the first round with five homers, being the fourth and final contestant to advance. Carlos Beltran and Mark Trumbo also advanced, while Robinson Cano, Matt Kemp, Andrew McCutchen, and Carlos Gonzalez were eliminated.

In the second round, Fielder put on an awesome display of power, blasting eleven homers to lead the pack with sixteen blasts total for the first two rounds. The second round ended in a second place tie between Bautista and Trumbo, so a "swing off" was held to determine Fielder's opponent in the final round.

Fielder blasted a dozen more homers in the final round and then sat back with his two sons while Bautista came up short with just seven home runs, handing the Tiger slugger the trophy. The event raised $ 615,000.00 for charities.

The final tally: 1. Fielder 28 2. Bautista 22 3. Trumbo 14 4. Beltrán 12 5. McCutchen 4, González 4 7. Kemp 1 8. Canó 0