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Detroit Tigers Links: Justin Verlander's rough outing & Justin Upton trade talks

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Justin Verlander's All-Star Game start didn't go quite as planned, Justin Upton trade talks are heating up, and Bud Selig addresses instant replay and more. These stories and more in today's Morning Prowl.

Tigers links:

Verlander has company with rough All-Star starts -- USA Today, Bob Velin
Well at least he's in good company. Though that doesn't make last night's outing any less cringe-worthy.

Detroit Tigers must consider trades to upgrade, make run at AL Central and World Series --, Bill Simonson
I know. I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself. But I do find it funny when I see an article with this headline followed by a few hundred words on how much Ryan Raburn sucks. No ... funny isn't the word. Ironic? Pathetic? I shouldn't have linked to this, should I?

Commentary: Prince Fielder, Tigers starting to slug when it matters -- The Detroit News, Terry Foster
Going to be honest, I didn't read this. But I did read the comment that says: "Prince's hair makes him look like a gangbanger." /bangs head on table

Cabrera: Castellanos more athletic than me at that age -- Beck's Blog, Jason Beck
"That is not a shallow compliment. At 20, a slender Cabrera was one of the best athletes in baseball, capable of many of the feats he does now but with more speed and agility."

Walkoff Woodward: Tigers should explore trade for Diamondbacks' Justin Upton -- Detroit Free Press, Josh Worn
I think the Tigers are about "Uptoned" out for right now. Amirite? #Trolling

The Rarity of the Quintin Berry -- Motor City Bengals, Garret Craig
I'll never understand why Berry is such a polarizing figure. Half of the Tigers fan base hopes that he fails just to prove that they are right. It's maddening.

Prince Fielder’s home runs are the prettiest. -- Roar of the Tigers, Samara Pearlstein
And then last night happened and Tigers fans were brought back down to reality.

Elsewhere in baseball:

MLB still has best All-Star Game, but three fixes should be made --, Everett Cook
"All-Star games are not a spectacle anymore. Across the board, in every sport, All-Star games are starting to lose their luster, the interest of wanting to see glorified exhibition games slowly waning."

Major League Baseball could start in-season HGH testing next year -- ESPN

Mariano Rivera probably won’t pitch this season … but he could -- HardballTalk, Craig Calcaterra
Ahhh, the old "he probably won’t come back this season … but he could" prognosis. Yeah, those always turn out well.

Bud Selig Speaks On Replay, The DH, And More -- Baseball Nation, Al Yellon
At his annual pre-All-Star Game press conference, Bud Selig spoke on behalf of all baseball fans when he said that very few people actually want instant replay. My guess is Mr. Selig is not on Twitter on a nightly basis.

Baseball cards found in Ohio attic could be worth $3 million -- Big League Stew, David Brown
My attic is not this interesting.