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Bless You Boys Podcast 47: Locusts, plagues and John Kruk eating ribs

The Bless You Boys Podcast returns after a week off caused by acts of the Baseball and Weather Gods! BYB Podcast 47 is filled with too much testosterone, just enough Detroit Tigers and All-Star Game talk, has a running time of 1:12 and features Kurt Mensching and Al Beaton.


Kurt's Detroit News column: Tigers defense proving tough to outslug.

Rumors from the usual suspects have the Tigers prioritizing offense over all else at the trade deadline.

Nick Castellanos is voted Futures Game MVP, says he is working out every day in left field, but still can't play 2nd base.

Prince Fielder wins the Home Run Derby while John Kruk destroys Kansas City BBQ ribs on ESPN.

Need proof someone at MLB HQ has a warped sense of humor? See Jim Joyce umpiring 1st base in the All-Star Game.

Justin Verlander allows 5 runs in his 1st All-Star Game start, ties record held by Tom Glavine, Jim Palmer and Roger Clemens. Despite the company he's keeping, this must mean DOOOOOM.

Latest ridiculous media meme - Verlander didn’t take an exhibition game seriously enough.

We name our 1st half MVP, LVP, surprises and disappointments.

We project who steps up and drops off in the 2nd half.

We both predicted the Tigers would win the AL Central. Have we changed our minds?

This week in media idiocy features sports writers who were mortally offended by Royals fans ceaseless booing of Robinson Cano's supposed diss of Billy Butler. Yahoo’s Jeff Passan saying no free agent will ever sign in KC because of it is representative of the silly overreaction.

Commissioner Bud Selig speaks. Bud Lite makes no sense in regard to instant replay, actually makes sense when talking about the DH in interleague play and the new schedule.

Letters from listeners include undeserving All-Stars and Tigers' scapegoats.

The Lightning Round covers national anthems, Miguel Cabrera's numerous special handshakes, trading Kurt to Halos Heaven and paying for the BYB Meetup!

Quintin Berry mentions: Several, almost all positive!

Blogs and podcasts mentioned: Designate Robertson, Inverted W Podcast

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