Tigers Trade Deadline

Tigers Trade Deadline

Tigers fans are eagerly awaiting news from the front office about trades. There are tons of fans commenting on BYB on what they think the Tigers need to get over the hump and get into the playoffs. Some make sense and some are huge wish lists.

Let's take a look at the needs of the team as of 7-21-2012.

Starting Pitching

Verlander, Fister, and Sherzer for the most part are right where they need to be. It is Porcello and whoever the team trots out there in the 5th spot that concerns the fans and I am sure it concerns the Tiger brass. Just my opinion here and I know Porcello is young but I also know he is very inconsistant. I think Rick needs to be pitching for a National League team with a very good defensive infield. It almost looks like Porcello is trying too make up for the weak defense by throwing more fastballs at 95mph and he is getting hit hard because he doesn't have a good fastball. He is a sinker ball pitcher plain and simple. As far as the 5th spot goes Smyley has looked ok and everybody else the team has put out there has not. All of that being said the Tigers do need a veteran starter. I believe there is more trade value in trading Porcello than Turner. I would like too see DD see what he can get for Porcello and lesser prospect talent to aquire a veteran starter.

Bull Pen

For the most part the bullpen has done their job this season. I really don't see the need to do anything there.

Position Players

Every Tiger fan knows we are weak at 2nd base and there aren't really any good options. Trading any of our Top 5 prospects for an average 2nd baseman doesn't thrill me. I do agree with Leyland that Santiago is not an everyday 2nd baseman. Ryan Raburn isn't a 2nd baseman at all, and Danny Worth should be in Toledo. If Dombroski can pick up a veteran 2nd baseman like Omar Infante and it doesn't take a Top 5 prospect then go for it.

We all had nightmares at the start of the season with Cabrera moving back to 3rd base but I think he has done much better at 3rd than any of us thought. Peralta is a serviceible SS with little range but he is picking up at the plate. Fielder is never going to be a Gold Glove 1st baseman but with his bat he doesn't need to be. Avilla and Laird are more than adequete at catcher. Like you if Delmon Young had not started hitting like he has the last 2 weeks I would be screaming for another hitter but he has and we can only hope it continues.

The outfield with Jackson, Boesch, Berry, and Dirks is blessed with good speed and are to me above average in defence. Jackson is having a great year, Boesch is picking it up at the plate, Dirks was playing great before the injury and we can only hope he fully recovers and returns to form. Berry is the Spark Plug for me. He is that "Feel Good Story " for the 2012 season. The trouble with the outfield is all of them with exception of Jackson are lefthanded hitters. That isn't a problem when the Tigers are facing right handed pitchers, it is a problem when they are facing a tough left hander. So do we keep Ryan Raburn around just for that or do we look for another bat. The last thing we want too see is Delmon Young anywhere in the OF.


The bench with Kelly, Rayburn, and Worth is too say the least weak. Enough said.

So what does all of this mean? If the team makes no moves whatsoever I think we are good enough to win the division but not good enough to go very far in the playoffs. If they add an everyday 2nd baseman who can hit say .270 they might get into the 2nd round. If they were to add that veteran pitcher who can throw a lot of innings and keep them in close games I see no reason why this Tigers Team can't go to the World Series and as St. Louis has proven anything can happen then.

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