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Today's News column: Tigers need OF more than 2B

Combining my thoughts from a couple of different posts last week, I voice the opinion in today's Detroit News that the Tigers need to acquire an outfielder more than they need to add a second baseman. The situation in the infield seems to have improved, meanwhile with Brennan Boesch showing no hopes of improvement and Andy Dirks' injury remaining an open-ended mystery the OF is a big hole. On top of that, adding someone who could bat fifth behind Prince Fielder would really help.

Say what you will about Carlos Quentin's speed or defense -- issues the Tigers already have with Boesch -- he has consistently found ways to get on base and hit for power. Plus he wouldn't cost nearly as many prospects as a team-controlled shortstop like Jed Lowrie would.

So, go read my entire argument at the News this morning, and share the link with all your friends!