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Tigers 5, Twins 1: Scherzer phenomenal, Cabrera makes more history

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Final - 8.15.2012 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Detroit Tigers 1 0 0 2 1 0 0 1 0 5 12 0
Minnesota Twins 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 6 0
WP: Max Scherzer (12 - 6)
LP: Cole De Vries (2 - 4)

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Max Scherzer struck out 10, but more importantly the Tigers didn't embarrass any of their fans who showed up to Target Field. This is important as some of our readers and Twitter friends were there. This is also why it's great to wirite for a website and not a newspaper. I can note such things in the lede without anyone scolding me. (As long as I don't read our comments section).

Oh, and Miguel Cabrera hit his 30th home run of the year, which is important because the number of people in a Tigers uniform who have hit 30 home runs five seasons in a row before him is equal to the number of 0's in the error column. That's 0, surprisingly.

Anyway, the Tigers won. Which is just plain important at this time of year, and moreso because they were playing the Twins and we all know how much people freak out when you don't beat the Twins. Apparently first-place teams (or contenders) are suppose to sweep last-place teams every single time they meet. Baseball. Who knew?

Scherzer walked just two batters. Those were back-to-back in the second inning. He later told the media that made him mad. It must have. He struck out the side after it to get out of the inning and threw seven shutout, four-hit innings. The Twins' only run came in the eighth off Octavio Dotel. It should be noted that Joaquin Benoit struck out two in a perfect ninth. Apparently put the ball where he wanted it. That could be a good sign.

Cabrera, who had two hits and two RBI, wasn't the only bright spot in the middle of the order. Prince Fielder tallied three hits. Delmon Young, batting sixth, added two more and a home run. I am convinced he enjoys confounding his haters. (OK so he probably doesn't care about his haters. But that story wouldn't be as fun.)

Detroit will take Thursday off and host the Orioles in a wildcard (or more, maybe) showdown beginning Friday night.


Scherzer - 10 K, good Max

Cabrera - historical homer

Delmon - Maybe I'm trolling you, he says, and so do I


Austin Jackson - 0-for-5, ouch

Dotel - Usually he's just fine, but he stood between the Tigers and a shutout

Meh whatever

Game 117 POG

Doug Fister, because we enoy pitchers