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Bless You Boys Podcast 52: Goodbye DesigNate Robertson

The Bless You Boys Podcast returns with...well, the usual. Kurt, Allison and Al being douchey, disinterested and lame while talking a little Detroit Tigers baseball.

BYB Podcast 52 has a running time of 60 minutes and features Kurt Mensching, Allison Hagen and Al Beaton.


  • Anabel Sanchez skipped in the rotation, everybody panic!
  • Miguel Cabrera is a record breaking slugger who is closing fast on Mike Trout in the MVP race. In other words, just another week for Cabrera.
  • Kurt's column: Tigers proving bullpen is game’s most unpredictable commodity. Truer words have not been written.
  • 5 hole experimentation!
  • Jim Leyland has no idea what to do with Brennan Boesch. Tigers fans have several, most involving Toledo.
  • 2nd half Doug Fister = Cy Damn Young.
  • We'll be seeing Victor Martinez again. But it'll be in 2013.
  • In this week in media idiocy, we say goodbye to the Tigers blogger who lived to skewer idiots in the media and the Detroit blogosphere's biggest Bobby Higginson fan, Scott Rogowski, and his blog, Designate Robertson.
  • Melky Cabrera suspended, now wears the scarlet S.
  • The Nationals say they will shut down Stephen Strasburg for the season when he reaches a predetermined innings limit, playoffs be damned. I'll believe it when I actually see it.
  • The lightning round features our favorite baseball movies, Triple Crowns, strikeout kings and being proud of learning how to text.

Blogs mentioned: Hardball Talk, Fangraphs, Designate Robertson, Roar of the Tigers, Tiger Tales.

Twitter accounts mentioned: @DNR_Rogo, @FakeLeyland, @pleyland1013.

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