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Detroit Tigers Links: September call-up thoughts and a baffled Brennan Boesch

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AL Central Standings

Chicago 66 55 .545 0 Won 1
Detroit 65 57 .532 1.5 Won 1
Kansas City 55 67 .450 11.5 Won 1
Cleveland 54 68 .442 12.5 Lost 6
Minnesota 51 70 .421 15 Won 1

(updated 8.21.2012 at 10:46 PM EDT)

American League Wild Card Standings

Tampa Bay 68 55 .552 0 Lost 1
Baltimore 66 56 .540 1.5 Lost 1
Oakland 65 56 .537 2 Lost 1
Detroit 65 57 .532 2.5 Won 1
Los Angeles 63 60 .512 5 Won 1
Boston 59 64 .479 9 Lost 2
Seattle 59 64 .479 9 Won 6
Toronto 56 66 .459 11.5 Lost 3
Kansas City 55 67 .450 12.5 Won 1
Cleveland 54 68 .442 13.5 Lost 6
Minnesota 51 70 .421 16 Won 1

(updated 8.21.2012 at 10:46 PM EDT)

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's a special guest appearance with a links post by me! Yeah I'd rather see Superman, too, but you're stuck with me. Melissa can't make it today, though she did send a few great links for me to share with you. Wait, there's a story about the Royals?!

September Call Ups? Can anyone really help? -- Motor City Bengals, John Verburg
"The Tigers philosophy, well, mainly manager Jim Leyland's, has been to limit September call ups when the rosters expand on Sept. 1." I haven't come up with my own thoughts on the subject yet, though I will soon. Probably a pitcher or two, a backup catcher. Everyone would like to see a certain third baseman turned right fielder, but Pandora isn't just a music-streaming site.

Brennan Boesch is baffled - Lynn Henning, Detroit News
So are we.

High school teams combine forces for baseball pitching robot - Freep
Does anyone else pronounce robot like they're Zoidberg from Futurama or is it just me? Anyway, this isn't about the Tigers, but it is Detroit and more importantly allows me to ask about robot umpires.

OLAY olayolayolay
soccer break over. or football for you hoity toity types.

Scherzer takes over MLB strikeout lead with win -, Jason Beck
Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander have been battling. Scherzer has the highest strikeouts per nine innings in baseball. Justin Verlander would pitch a 15-inning complete game if Leyland would let him.

Around the Central:

Cleveland vs. Seattle -- Kurt went to bed when this was tied 0-0.

Minnesota vs. Oakland -- Yeah he's old now, he knows that. 1-1 tie.

White Sox 7, Yankees 3 -- Probably a fitful, annoyed sleep thanks to that game.

How Royals failed to become Nats of AL -- SweetSpot Blog, Michael Baumann

Oh, I know. Because they are the Royals. The laws of physics (or something) say they can't have nice things. It's kind of similar to being a Detroit Lions fan (Megatron doesn't count). (Editor's note: Melissa wrote that, I swear. )

Hochevar and Price Both Pitch a Gem, Royals Win 1-0 in 10 - Royals Review
"Royals got on base 6 times. The Rays only 5 times. It seemed like less." The Tigers stranded 10 runners. So, I mean, it could be worse, right?

Around the MLB:

Is Roger Clemens looking toward a 2019 Hall of Fame ballot? - SB Nation Baseball Nation
Some wondered if this was a publicity stunt. The Skeeters, or whatever they are, say it's not. Others, however, wonder if it's to keep Clemens' name off the ballot for a few years to let steroid allegations blow over.

Jim Joyce saves Diamondback employee's life- CBS Sports
This does not make up for the blown call in the perfect game. Let's keep apples and oranges separate. Baseball is baseball, life is life. However, it does make Joyce a talented and good human being and the center of a happy tale with a good ending. It's fortunate Joyce was there and knew what to do.


Deeper stats reveal reason behind Tigers' offensive woes - Kurt Mensching, Detroit News
Just in case you didn't read me Tuesday, or even if you did, go have a read right now! It will make you nearly as handsome as your friendly blog manager if you do.