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Introducing: Good & Horrible

Folks, decorum and general behavior have been driving people away from commenting and causing people to not have as much fun on this website. Without people posting comments and being actively engaged, the community built here at Bless You Boys would fall by the wayside.

In hopes of combating this rising tide of bad posting, I am presenting the first of a few tips on how to be a Good poster. I, guy with lots of numbers, present to you: Good and Horrible.


Good: Deals with differences of opinion by posting reasoned responses that use facts to back up Good's assertion.

Horrible: Deals with differences of opinion with hyperbole and comments about users' genitals


Good: Takes a look for information about something that Good is not sure about or asks another poster politely

Horrible: Uses terrible nicknames that are sexist and sometimes unclever and treats BYB as Sports Talk Radio