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Housekeeping: Stop acting like jerks to each other

You might have noticed that I took the extraordinary step to close comments on a post last night. That was not a decision made lightly. Unfortunately, yet again I had to deal with the fact that some out there cannot handle having a forum in which to discuss baseball.

Actually, discussing baseball was not the problem this time. It was yet another back-and-forth pissing match where each contestant upped the ante until someone had to go overboard. If this were an issue of one or two people, I would simply rescind their right to post on Bless You Boys and go on. Unfortunately, this isn't just one or two people. So it's reminder time.

Bless You Boys, was, is, and will always continue to be a site that insists on civility. It's not the only baseball site out there. You have other options. Some might cater to your specific wants and needs better than us. That's perfectly fine by me, by my staff and moderators, and by my long-time readers. If you think to yourself, "Gee, what a tight ass bunch of no fun losers they are at Bless You Boys," well, great, you are exactly the kind of commenter that we do not want. There's absolutely no point in continuing to hammer a square peg into a round hole. The vast majority of BYB readers will be glad to get back to the way things were before we tried to get a little more lax in our rules or enforcement.

We have rules. You can look at them if you want. We certainly hope you did when you signed up. If you need a refresher, great. But the prevailing rule is this: This site should be fun, and when the folks who runs it as a labor of love -- this isn't a full time job; this would hardly qualify as a part time job -- are not having fun, are afraid to look at their own comments section when a 250-comment explosion happens over night, are having to pull people off of each other, it's not fun.

On topic, off topic, it doesn't matter: I want to see people treating each other with respect, trying to see the other person's viewpoint when they disagree. You can enjoy baseball in different ways. It's fine. Doesn't make anyone better or worse. As soon as you start acting like a jerk, I'm pulling the plug on your account.

Stop being jerks about the team. Sure they annoy us all from time to time. They acquire a player we don't like. They don't get runners home often enough. Their manager puts out strange lineups or makes a pitching change we don't like. I criticize, our commenters criticize. This would be a pretty boring blog without criticizing the team. But if you've really gotten to the point where you hate watching them or hate specific players or hate whatever else, you probably need to take a step back and remember: this is sports, here. We're coming together at this blog trying to have fun with a team we enjoy.. Having people act like bitter assholes takes away from that greatly. That is not going to happen any more.

Stop being jerks to our moderators. They don't deserve it. I am not going to put up with even a sideways glance their way. And if you insult them for doing their best to make this site better, you're never coming back.

Don't like the rules? That's fine. Maybe some of the people who've been driven away will return to fill your seat. It saddens me to think that it even made it that far.

No one was banned for their mistakes last night. No leashes have been specifically shortened. These expectations are the same for everybody. Consider this a warning to all.

In short: Shape up, or ship out. I will not be happy until this site becomes a comfortable place to hang out again.