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Bless You Boys Podcast 53: This stuff makes my head hurt

On this week's Bless You Boys Podcast, we talk English Premier League...and a little Detroit Tigers baseball too!

BYB Podcast 53 has a running time of 1:13 and features Kurt Mensching and Al Beaton.


  • We follow up on Kurt's "EVERYBODY CHILL" post.
  • We delve a little deeper into stats with Kurt's latest Detroit News column.
  • Miguel Cabrera's hurt...EVERYBODY PANI...what? He's listed as day-to-day and has been playing over a sore ankle for some time? Well, everybody can worry, but just a bit.
  • Doug Fister's hurt again, and it's a big time concern.
  • Everyone please put away their "Jump to Conclusions" mat, apparently Anibal Sanchez doesn't suck.
  • Max Scherzer and the Big Unit, Randy Johnson, have something in common. A very similar K/9 rate.
  • Will Al Alburquerque return this season?
  • Ryan Raburn is raking! Well, it's only one game, and it's with the Mud Hens, but still!
  • Everyone is baffled by Brennan Boesch’s struggles, including Brennan Boesch.
  • The Tigers have serious lineup problems with no obvious solutions.
  • ESPN’s Keith Law says he can’t put Cabrera in his top 5 for AL MVP.
  • @PhilCokesBrain's Tigers Twitter Rankings are here, the Tigers Twitter Rankings are here!
  • This week in media idiocy is a twin bill. ESPN's Skip Bayless says something idiotic (not exactly breaking news) and the Seattle Mariners will have no newspaper beat writers when on the road, which is bad news for fans.
  • This week's PED shenanigans include Bartolo Colon's suspenion and Melky Cabrera getting inspiration from Stephen Glass and Jukt Electronics.

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