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Hello again to Good & Horrible!

Hi folks! Sometimes it is nice to go over what thoughts go into making a good post and what goes through someone's mind when making a bad post. Things are getting better on Bless You Boys but it is always good to double check to see if you are posting... good.

Let's just forget that little grammar goof and get on with the show!


GOOD: Considers their position when disagreeing with moderation policies and voices their opinion in a respective and manner while also not hitting on the moderators.

HORRIBLE: Compares enforcing of stated rules as a slide into a totalitarian regime, cites freedom of speech and freedom then calls forum moderators sexy while decrying their unsexy hating of America and freedom.


GOOD: Dislikes the blatant, myopic homerism of Hawk Harrelson and derides the childish antics of Hawk and shows this with an exuberant: CRAM IT HAWK (all caps necessary).

HORRIBLE: Is... in love with a can of corn? Wait, no, I remember now - Horrible insults his fellow posters with personal attacks while eating a lovely meal of corn. He's doing something wrong in that image, I assure you. You can see it in HORRIBLE's smirk.

In summary:

Be GOOD; don't be HORRIBLE!