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Detroit Tigers Links: Optical illusions and Dr. Strangeglove

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AL Central Standings

Chicago 71 57 .554 0 Lost 2
Detroit 69 59 .539 2 Lost 1
Kansas City 57 71 .445 14 Won 1
Cleveland 55 74 .426 16.5 Lost 3
Minnesota 52 77 .403 19.5 Lost 2

(updated 8.29.2012 at 5:18 AM EDT)

No one is is completely sure if the ball was fair or foul in Kansas City last night, Jim Price likes Brennan Boesch, scoop from the minor leagues, more drama in Beantown and meet the worst defensive player in baseball history in today's Morning Prowl.

Detroit-KC Contested Replay Reflects Video Inequality: Close Call Sports

What happened last night? It was an "angular optical illusion."

Umps use video to confirm Delmon Young foul ball wasn't a Tigers homer: Detroit News, Lynn Henning

Delmon Young's home run - not a home run looked both fair and foul, depending on the angle. Personally, I think the umps flipped a coin.

I’m Not Sure About The Call In The 9th, But Justin Verlander Was Certainly Foul: Walkoff Woodward, Packey

Demons, Delmon, clarity and a not very good Justin Verlander.

Tigers Robbed In Slugfest, Lose 9-8 To Royals: CBS Detroit

The lede is almost the entire story, but it was awfully blunt (and incorrect, as Jim Leyland believes the ball was foul). Then again, I'm not surprised coming from the home of WXYT-FM, the Tigers flagship.

Replay: Live chat with Tigers broadcaster Jim Price: Detroit Free Press

The former Tigers catcher and current radio color man took questions from the Freep's readers on Tuesday. Price was asked his opinion on Brennan Boesch and he answered, "Defensively, he is greatly improved." That immediately makes anything Price says invalid. Sorry.

September call-up debate: Which relief pitchers will join Detroit Tigers this weekend? Mlive, Chris Iott

Who gets the call up from Toledo on September 1st? An internet poll from MLive readers will tell us for sure!

An inside look at six (!) Mud Hens pitchers Tuesday v. Indianapolis: Toledo Blade, John Wagner

Apparently Phil Nevin was channeling his inner Tony LaRussa in a 5-0 loss. A tale of 2 relievers - Al Alburquerque did not allow a run, Daniel Schelerth allowed a run on 3 hits...and wait for it...a walk.

Season In Review: Gulf Coast League Tigers: Motor City Tigers, John Verburg

We go from Triple A to Rookie league. The Gulf Coast League Tigers made the playoffs, but lost 1-0 in a 1 game semi-final. I hope that isn't a omen. DOOOOM.

Around the AL Central:

Royals Win 9-8 By Getting to Verlander Early: Royals Review

Not one word about Schrodinger's baseball. You know what they say, it's the winners who get to write history.

Game 129: Athletics 7, Indians 0: Let's Go Tribe

The opening 3 words of the recap says it all - "What an embarrassment."

Mariners 5, Twins 2: Iwakuma, Mariners Silence Twins Bats Once Again: Twinkie Town

The Twins may be having a lousy season, but they'll always have Joe Mauers's hair.

Orioles 6, White Sox 0: Short Sale, and nothing behind him: South Side Sox

How far has Mr. Perfect Game fallen? Philip Humber pitched in long relief, taking over for a struggling Chris Sale in the 5th inning of the White Sox's loss to the Orioles. Humber's 4 innings of 2 run baseball lowered his ERA to 5.87. Repeat after me - "Baseball is a funny game."

Elsewhere in baseball:

Can someone please fire Bobby Valentine now? Hardball Talk, Matthew Pouliot

More controversy in Red Sox land? The schadenfreude, it's glorious!

Red Sox Nation Hits the Reset Button: Grantland, Bill Simmons

The Sports Guy needs 3300 words to give his opinion on the massive Red Sox-Dodgers trade (It's almost as long as one of my recaps). In a very large nutshell, Simmons likes it. Who wouldn't be happy with unloading the contractual equivalent of Europe's GNP?

Dick Stuart: A DH before his time: Hardball Times, Frank Jackson

If you've ever read my recaps, you've seen me reference "Dr. Strangeglove" whenever the Tigers had especially bad defensive game. So meet baseball's original Dr. Strangeglove, Dick Stuart, a decent hit - cannot field to save his life 1st baseman who played most of his career for the Pirates. Amazingly, Stuart led his league in errors 8 consecutive seasons. He would have fit like a glove with today's Tigers.