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Detroit Tigers Links: Justin Verlander's streak ends & Derek Jeter to get sex change?

July 31, 2012; Boston, MA, USA; Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Justin Verlander (35) pitches during the first inning against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park.
July 31, 2012; Boston, MA, USA; Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Justin Verlander (35) pitches during the first inning against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park.

AL Central Standings

Chicago 57 47 .548 0 Won 2
Detroit 55 50 .523 2.5 Won 1
Cleveland 50 55 .476 7.5 Lost 6
Minnesota 45 60 .428 12.5 Won 1
Kansas City 44 60 .423 13 Won 3

(updated 8.2.2012 at 9:06 PM PDT)

Justin Verlander's streak of pitching at least six innings ended Tuesday, Delmon Young is looking for a plea deal in his hate crime case, and the New York Yankees' Facebook page gets hacked. These stories and all the BYB Meet-Up information you can handle in today's Morning Prowl.

Tigers links:

The Hidden Gem of the Detroit Bullpen -- Walkoff Woodward, Josh Worn
It's painfully difficult to believe that "Tigers bullpen" and "gem" can actually be used in the same sentence, but it's happened. And it's pretty legitimate.

Justin Verlander's Magical Streak Is Over* -- Baseball Nation, Grant Brisbee
Nobody really cared about the streak ending on Tuesday. We just wanted the Tigers to win. But now that it's over, it is kind of sad. And you can't help but look back at it and think how impressive it really is.

Bring Me a Higher Club -- Old English D
If you reference a Steve Winwood song (I hope that's what this is) then you get a link in the morning post. Period.

Delmon Young looking for plea deal in hate crime case -- HardballTalk, Aaron Gleeman
While he's at it, perhaps he can start looking for this so-called baseball ability that he is supposed to possess.

The 2012 BYB Meet-Up: Where and when to find us on Saturday -- Bless You Boys
In case you missed yesterday's post, Allison has all the details for Saturday's BYB Meet-Up.

Projection sites say Detroit Tigers about 50-50 to make playoffs; Tigers likely to open ALDS at home if they qualify --, Chris Iott
Whoever is on the copy desk for has a very bad habit of writing the world's longest headlines. So, there's that.

Around the AL Central:

Deduno Two-Hits Red Sox and I Am A Good Luck Charm as Twins Win 5-0 -- Twinkie Town
"Deduno's a bit wild, and he gets away with it! Twins take game one of a four-game set in Boston."

Game 105: Royals 7, Indians 6 (11 Innings) -- Let's Go Tribe
"The Royals won in extra innings to sweep the Indians, giving Cleveland their sixth straight loss. A recap of the game."

Royals Sweep Indians, World Stops Spinning on Its Axis -- Royals Review
"In an ultimately boring game with an atypically fulfilling payoff at the end, the Royals ended up eking out an extra innings win against the divisional rival and in the process completed a three-game sweep with an eleventh-inning two-out Alcides Escobar single off of the doofus closer Chris Perez."

Elsewhere in baseball:

Yankees’ official Facebook page hacked? Status update says Derek Jeter will miss season due to ‘sexual reassignment surgery’ -- NY Daily News, Bernie Augustine
When hacking goes right: the Derek Jeter story.

The Triangle Blog -- Grantland, Michael Kruse
This has virtually nothing to do with baseball, but I thought these numbers were interesting. Also this: "Record number of free condoms handed out in the Olympic village: 150,000."

Umpire tosses music intern in Daytona -- News, Danny Wild
Wow. I had no idea an umpire had the power to do that. A bit sensitive don't ya think?