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Detroit Tigers Links: Gavin Floyd Will Start Wednesday & Jim Leyland Is Trolling Us All

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AL Central Standings

Chicago 76 64 .542 0 Won 1
Detroit 73 67 .521 3 Lost 4
Kansas City 63 77 .450 13 Won 1
Cleveland 59 82 .418 17.5 Lost 3
Minnesota 59 82 .418 17.5 Won 3

(updated 9.10.2012 at 11:10 PM EDT)

Jim Leyland is doing nothing but trolling, Gavin Floyd will start for the White Sox on Wednesday, and Brandon McCarthy is walking again. These stories and more in today's Morning Prowl.

Monday's Tigers lineup: Ryan Raburn batting second is 'common sense' - The Detroit News, Tony Paul
Leyland is truly trolling us all now.

Jim Leyland: Tigers don't need a rah-rah speech - Detroit Free Press, John Lowe
Normally I'd agree with this, but it might not hurt after last night's beatdown.

White Sox right-hander Gavin Floyd to come off DL, start Wednesday against Detroit Tigers - MLive, Chris Iott
Chris Sale will still pitch on Thursday, once again matched up against Justin Verlander.

Tigers vs Angels Series Recap - Walkoff Woodward, Cameron Scott
This. Is. Awesome.

State of the AL Central: pennant home stretch edition - The Hardball Times, Chris Jaffe
"And winning the division is really key because, as it currently stands, neither the Sox nor Tigers would get a Wild Card." Yeah, we're aware.

Around the AL Central:

Game 141: Twins 7, Indians 2 - Let's Go Tribe
Awesome picture.

Twins Take Game, 7-2, and Series, Deduno Dominates - Twinkie Town
"Samuel Deduno didn't give up a hit for 5 innings. He was outstanding. Again."

Royals Again With The Opportunity To Play Spoiler - Royals Review, Craig Brown
If "playing spoiler" means "beating the team in first," I'm all for this.

Elsewhere in Baseball:

The Strasburg Shutdown and What We Don’t Know - FanGraphs Baseball, Dave Cameron
"Early season Strasburg was the most dominant pitcher in baseball, at least on a per-innings basis. Recent Strasburg has been more human, mixing in some good starts with some clunkers."

Oakland Athletics' Brandon McCarthy walks, could return home soon - ESPN
"Paparesta said McCarthy took a few steps Monday, even climbing and descending four stairs with the help of a handrail, just five days after undergoing two hours of surgery."

Juan Pierre in Baltimore would be the bestest thing ever - HardballTalk, Craig Calcaterra
"I have an interest in this. Not because I care about the O’s so much, but I want to see something beautiful happen: the Orioles winning the World Series with a lineup that includes Juan Pierre, Lew Ford and Nate McLouth."