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Detroit Tigers Links: Jim Leyland is Detroit's biggest problem & Brandon McCarthy is still awesome

Jim Leyland is laughing at all of you. Specifically you, Denny McLain.
Jim Leyland is laughing at all of you. Specifically you, Denny McLain.

AL Central Standings

Chicago 76 65 .539 0 Lost 1
Detroit 74 67 .524 2 Won 1
Kansas City 64 77 .453 12 Won 2
Cleveland 59 83 .415 17.5 Lost 4
Minnesota 59 83 .415 17.5 Lost 1

(updated 9.11.2012 at 8:29 PM PDT)

According to Denny McLain, Jim Leyland is the Tigers biggest problem; Jhonny Peralta deserves to have his option picked up next year; and Brandon McCarthy is still awesome at life. These stories and lots of obvious headlines in today's Morning Prowl.

Tigers links:

Tigers must ponder ways to tweak roster -- The Detroit News, Lynn Henning
"But how did this team come to splinter and stumble in so many ways that have all but sabotaged a club that deftly handles baseball's primary skill, pitching?" Huh?

Tigers Need To Win, And Fast -- Baseball Nation, Marc Normandin
Golly, you think?

Tigers must pick up 2013 option on Jhonny Peralta -- Detroit Free Press, John Verburg
"Depending on which reference site you look at -- Baseball Reference or Fangraphs -- how good he has been varies, but both rate Peralta as a defensive positive."

Potential Wild Card/ALDS tickets go on sale Thursday -- Beck's Blog, Jason Beck
Like a knife to the heart.

Lineup questions prove fans care about Tigers -- The Detroit News, Kurt Menching
Kurt's News article from yesterday in case you missed it!

Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland is team's 'biggest problem' claims former pitcher Denny McLain --, Eric Lacy
Why does Denny McLain keep giving his opinion? Why do media outlets keep reporting on it? Why do I keep linking to it? Oops.

Tigers remain more famous than good -- SweetSpot Blog, David Schoenfield
"So now the famous Tigers are three games behind the less-famous White Sox. (Jose who?)" This article hurt my head.

A Tigers Fan in Chicago -- Walkoff Woodward, Cameron Scott
I mean, yeah, it's never fun going to an opposing team's field. This seems pretty tame though. "Detroit sucks" chants are obnoxious, but not uncharacteristic.

RahRah -- Brain Matters
The best motivational speech you'll ever read. At least on Brain Matters. It must have worked.

Around the AL Central:

Royals 9, Twins 1: Royals Get Extra-Bases, Runs, While Twins... Not So Much -- Twinkie Town
"The Twins didn't get any extra base hits and gave up a bunch of runs. It was basically really poopy."

Game 142: Rangers 6, Indians 4 -- Let's Go Tribe
"The Indians dropped the opening game of a weekday series in Texas 6-4. A recap of the action."

Tigers 5, White Sox 3: Offense misfires, decisions backfire -- South Side Sox, Jim Margalus
"The White Sox dropped a key game to the Detroit Tigers, and you can spread the blame around."

It's Finally the Royals' Time, Dismantle Twins 9-1 -- Royals Review, Jeff Zimmerman
"Will Smith pitched great and was helped out by 2 caught stealings and 2 double plays. The offense rolled by hitting 0.390 in memory of George Brett's 1980 season. Nice beat down."

Elsewhere in baseball:

What the Insiders Say Makes a Good Manager -- Baseball Prospectus, C. Trent Rosecrans
"A range of responses from players, coaches, and team executives about the most important qualities for a manager to possess."

The Week In Worst: Pro Athletes Being Bad At Sports --, Bill Hanstock
Important: Detroit Tigers ballboy got an honorable mention. Yay!

Brandon McCarthy discharged from hospital, joking about threesomes, still great at Twitter -- HardballTalk, Aaron Gleeman
Pure gold.

Derek Jeter has a chance of breaking Paul Molitor’s record for hits by a player 38 or older -- Big League Stew, Kevin Kaduk
"Not that it matters much to the team-first captain, but the 38-year-old Jeter currently stands 34 hits away from the 225 that 39-year-old Paul Molitor posted for the Minnesota Twins in 1996."