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Bless You Boys Podcast 56: Bunting is EVIL

If you've managed to survive the turmoil that was the past week of Detroit Tigers baseball, you can survive another Bless You Boys Podcast! Suck it up and listen!

BYB Podcast 56 has a running time of 55 minutes and features Kurt Mensching, Allison Hagen and Al Beaton.


  • Since we last spoke, the Tigers have put their fans through an emotional wringer.The past week has been the equivalent of riding a roller coaster through the gates of Hell, otherwise known as September baseball.
  • The Tigers were both left for dead and have risen from the grave. After sweeps both good and bad, walk-off losses, crazy we are, pretty much back to where we were a week ago.
  • What happened against the Angels? Oh, yeah. The offense disappeared...forever. Or so we thought.
  • Tigers vs. White Sox, Doug Fister and Max Scherzer come to the rescue...though it helps the offense rose from the dead!
  • Bunting, yay or nay?
  • What was Robin Ventura thinking when he asked Kevin Youkilis to bunt? We should send him a thank you card.
  • Kurt’s column - Lineup questions prove fans care about Tigers: There is a fine line between legit questions and being annoying and repetitive (RAYBURN IS STARTING? FIRE LAYLAND!1!!).
  • Ryan Raburn is back on the DL. Is this the last of "2nd Half Raburn" as a Detroit Tiger?
  • The new schedule is here, the new schedule is here! Wait a sec...what the Hell? The Tigers' 2013 season ends in...Miami?
  • Has the post season awards train derailed for the Tigers’ MVP and Cy Young candidates?
  • What is September expanded roster abuse? It's Robin Ventura using hundreds of pitchers, making us sit through 4 pitching changes in an inning.
  • Brandon McCarthy had the tweet of the season, but he's lucky to be alive to do so after suffering a skull fracture. Is there some way to protect pitchers that won't change how the game is played?
  • The week in media idiocy features Denny McClain, baseball pundit. Why has he been given a soapbox?
  • The lightning round includes being overexcited by Avisail Garcia, playoff tickets, Terry Francona's bags and hating on some catcher in Chicago.

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