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Miguel Cabrera steals "Fire Leyland" sign from fan, continues signing autographs

A Tigers fan in Chicago wanted the world to know his feelings on Miguel Cabrera's manager. In short, he didn't appear to be a big fan. The Tigers' star didn't agree with them. So he did what he could about it: took the dang sign!

A video is making the rounds today (Via the Freep), showing Cabrera holding a "Fire Leyland" sign while the presumed owner of the sign claims that Cabrera "bogarted" it. The voice doesn't stop there, asking Cabrera how he could take a great sign like that, then asking how Cabrera felt about having Ryan Raburn and Don Kelly in the lineup during a division pennant chase.

Cabrera signs autographs for some fans, hands the sign over to a Tigers' employee, then continues to sign more autographs while the voice behind the camera continues to troll him.

I'm with the fan who yelled, "Rip it up! Rip it up!" near the start of the video.

Cabrera, for his part, gives a wonderful example of not feeding the trolls. He acts like he didn't hear a word being spoken.

For that, I like him even a little bit more now than I did yesterday.

Great job, Miguel!

(Video is after the jump)