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Good & Horrible Strike Back!

Hello again, denizens of the good internet ship, BYB. Things were going pretty well and it looked like Good & Horrible were going to be sent to Siberia.

Then the Tigers fell 3 games behind the Pale Hose. Speculation about Leyland being shot out of a cannon, hatred towards certain players, Ryan Ra(y)burn being alive... all manner of crazy things happened!

Fear not (or cringe), Good & Horrible are back inaction... er in action.


GOOD: Feels proud this team is still relevant after all the terrible, awful, no good, very bad years between 1989 and 2005. Proud to wave the Tiger fan flag and hopeful that 2013 looks pretty good even if our beloved Tigers somehow don't make the playoffs this year. Good will occasionally imbue spirits but in moderation and will never drive while intoxicated.

HORRIBLE: Yells at everyone while drinking into oblivion and vomits on the keyboard (vomit not shown) while writing ad hominem attacks on Ryan Raburn, Jhonny Peralta, Brennan Boesch, Delmon Young, Jim Leyland, Bobby Higginson and "Annabell" Sanchez. Horrible also tweets while drunk


GOOD: Keeps up with Tigers news even if they don't play in the post season and enjoys watching the MLB playoffs, if only to root against teams that are irksome (insert irksome team of your choice here)

HORRIBLE: Drinks and drinks and gets so drunk that Horrible tries to kick a puppy but slips on their own vomit while hurling insults towards the washing machine (who is telling Horrible that Mike Trout will win the MVP award).

That's all for our FUN-ventures with Good & Horrible for this week -- you're all wonderful in my eyes.

Just remember: try to be GOOD and don't be HORRIBLE!