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Bless You Boys Podcast 57: Miggy vs. Wonderboy

On this week's XXL sized Bless You Boys Podcast, Kurt, Allison and Al discuss changes at BYB, the misery that has been September Detroit Tigers baseball and the war between traditional and sabermetric stats in determining the AL MVP race.

BYB Podcast 57 has a running time of 90 minutes and features Kurt Mensching, Allison Hagen and Al Beaton.


  • There's editorial changes afoot at BYB. Meet the new boss (Al), same as the old boss (Kurt).
  • Be prepared. SBNation United is coming!
  • The Tigers are 2 back of the White Sox with 13 games left. .600 ball isn’t good enough. The Tigers are treading water when they need to be sweeping series.
  • There's a distinct feeling of ennui with the Tigers' fan base. Not because they are losing...but how they are losing. A 2 game deficit feels insurmountable when the Tigers are unable to field and throw.
  • The defense has gone from bad to ridiculous to sublime, reaching the peak of futility in failing to turn 4 double plays in one inning during a 1 run loss to the Indians on Sunday. A game which will go down in infamy.
  • Max Scherzer is likely going to miss his next turn in the rotation due to a fatigued shoulder. Being there's only 2 weeks left the season, have we seen the last of Scherzer until 2013?
  • Alex Avila suffered a concussion last Sunday, but will be back in the lineup on Friday. If this were the NFL, Avila wouldn't be back on the active roster this soon.
  • Lynn Henning writes another piece speculating about Jim Leyland's status, inferring he's done as Tigers manager if they miss the post season. The Tigers would target Terry Francona as his replacement.
  • Henning has pounded on topics in the past, most notably predicting the trade of Curtis Granderson well ahead of time. Which is why he should be taken seriously when writing about Leyland's status. 2 articles on the tenuous status of Leyland = Henning knows something.
  • Can Miguel Cabrera win the Triple Crown? I believe.
  • The AL MVP discussion is turning into Mac vs PC, Democrats vs the GOP, religion vs atheism over the top arguing, where heels have been dug in and no one is going to change their mind.
  • Miguel Cabrera vs. Mike Trout has 2 warring factions -- old school stats vs. advanced sabermetrics.
  • Should Cabrera’s insane 2nd half trump Trout’s insane 1st half?
  • When did the flawed WAR metric suddenly become the be all, end all stat in deciding MVP awards?
  • Is there a bias from ESPN and other media entities toward Trout, due to having a more compelling "story?"
  • Sabermetric types in the baseball media are completely dismissing Cabrera's MVP candidacy in a very condescending way. For example, Cabrera is not a great defender, but he's not the butcher many of those in sabermetrics make him out to be. I’m looking at you, Fangraphs.
  • Listener email reminds us the Tigers have suffered some pitching hard luck over the decades. The Tigers are the only team to have 2 players on this "Near Misses" list.
  • The lightning round includes an empty Comerica, Cabrera and Prince Fielder colliding and having to interact with your family because the Tigers miss the playoffs.

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