2013 Tigers

Just Thinking Out Loud

Let me make this clear before anybody goes all spastic. I am NOT calling for Jim Leyland to be fired. I am not giving up on the 2012 season and I still believe in this team.

All that being said I started thinking about the 2013 season. Like I said I am not calling for Leyland to be let go, but what if he decided to not come back? Who would Illich and Dombrowski try and bring in? I know a lot of fans start right out with Terry Francona but what if? What if with Jim Leylands decision to leave under the condition that the Tigers hire Tony Larussa as the new manager. Quit laughing it could happen! The man has a great history of winning World Series. If he were to bring Dave Duncan along as the pitching coach how much better would our pitching staff be? I know this senario won't happen but hey I can dream.

As far as what the team might look like in 2013 I have another dream. I dream of V Mart coming back and being the same player he was before his injury. I dream of the Tigers signing a Free Agent player like Tori Hunter too play RF and maybe an Elvis Andrus too play SS. I don't believe these 2 signings would break the bank but it would help both at the plate and in the defense. Don't get me wrong I like Peralta but he has lost a step at SS and his bat has lost it's pop to. As far as RF goes I want too see an everyday player out there and stop with the merry go round with Boesch and Dirks and Berry and Baker and whoever else they find on the end of the bench.

The pitching staff I believe is right where it should be with the exception of maybe Rick Porcello. I believe Porcello will be a very good pitcher eventually. I am not sure he will ever be very good in a Tigers uniform. Don't get spastic hear me out. Porcello throws all those sinkers and gets lots of ground balls. The problem with that is he needs a great defensive infield too make that work. That will not be the case with Miggy at 3rd, Prince at 1st. and Peralta at SS. A trade that included Porcello, Boesch, and maybe that 1st round pick they got in the Turner trade just might get them that dominate lefty starter they need or it might get them that Big Bat to play left field every day. I do think they should resign Sanchez. He could be a very good 4th starter and Smyley (if they didn't get that dominate lefty in a trade) would be a very capable 5th starter.

Now that I have everyone on BYB doubting my sanity I still want this team to win the Central Division and more. I still think Miggy is the MVP and I still think he can win the Triple Crown.

My last comment on the whole situation is GO TIGERS

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